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Flying Elephant, Milwaukee-based Social enterprise


Creative Content Production

Create unique photography, videos, graphic design, and copywriting to enrich key messaging disseminated on social media platforms.

Develop organic content that promotes audience interaction and presence by proposing new ideas and concepts for social media content.

Provide a timely and consistent stream of new content. 

Provide social media advertising that allows your organization to expand its ideal audience.

Publish your posts on applicable social network platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and  LinkedIn.  



Moderate and manage comments and online communities. 

Provide reports that analyze engagement, audiences, and campaigns. 

Craft a social media posting schedule to your desired social platforms, according to analytical data that demonstrates high user activity.

Understand and analyze content areas for nonprofits, universities, thought leaders, social enterprises, cryptocurrencies, and educational companies. 

Build and execute research-based social media campaigns with focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn


Collaborate with key stakeholders to direct and define social media strategies and goals in coordination with marketing efforts.

Invest time on your platforms to write content true to your brand’s voice and vision. 

Crown/TMF, 2018

SingleCare, 2019

Deanna Singh, 2019

"Great experience working with SCA - they completed the assignment according to the timeline, with great quality, and were always available, enthusiastic and open to comments throughout the process. Would hire them again with no hesitation." SingleCare

ECET2, 2017


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