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Excellent work provided. Stover Creative Agency asked a lot of great questions and clearly understands business strategy PLUS social engagement strategy.
Flying Elephant, Milwaukee-based Social enterprise


Social media strategy

Our team of professionals builds weekly and quarterly strategy and content schedule that engages important stakeholders and promotes your organization’s events, activities, and collaborations. 

Whether your organization is trying to raise awareness, drive engagement or build community, our strategies are specific, measurable, relevant, and timely.  Social media strategy also includes constant analytical assessment of key performance indicators (KPIs). 


Creative content production

Create unique photography, videos, graphic design, and copywriting that promotes audience interaction and presence on social media

Provide a timely and consistent stream of new content.  

Social media management

Social media training

Moderate and manage comments and online communities. 

Provide reports that analyze engagement, audiences, and campaigns. 

Craft a social media posting schedule to your desired social platforms, according to analytical data that demonstrates high user activity.

One of the best ways to amplify your social media presence is to leverage your organization’s key stakeholders.  


We help organizations by leading social media training sessions for Board Directors, volunteer affinity groups, and team members highlighting the need to spread messages to a wider audience, execution methods, and performance follow-up.

Social media advertising

We create data-driven social media advertising campaigns designed to achieve your communications goals. Our team develops multistage, multi-ad campaigns, A/B tested with targeted audiences. 

Email marketing

We plan, research, collaborate, and design emails that communicate your organization’s current events, campaigns, donor initiatives, and other pertinent information to your organization. This includes all graphic design and copywriting. In addition, we will gather and report metrics needed to gauge the success of each email campaign.

Blog development

Our team works with you to create high-quality blog posts that speak to your target audiences, communicate your organization’s goals and vision and help rank your website higher using approved SEO keywords.

Engagement and community

Each day, we monitor your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts and respond to basic comments and refer in-depth comments to you via email. We are available to develop community engagement campaigns that will grow your network and increase comments, likes, and shares on your social media accounts.

Newsletter development

Our newsletter creation service offers a solution for nonprofit organizations seeking to communicate with their audience effectively.


Our approach focuses on utilizing storytelling techniques to create engaging and impactful content. We are dedicated to helping you raise awareness and drive impact for your cause.

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"Great experience working with SCA - they completed the assignment according to the timeline, with great quality, and were always available, enthusiastic and open to comments throughout the process. Would hire them again with no hesitation." SingleCare


ECET2, 2017

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