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Our team has had the privilege of collaborating with various organizations to develop engaging social media strategies that amplify their missions and drive meaningful impact. Delve into our portfolio and explore the success stories of the nonprofits we've had the privilege of collaborating with.

Village of Wisdom: Amplifying Village of Wisdom's Fellowship Program through Strategic Social Media Campaign

Village of Wisdom, a nonprofit empowering Black parents to advocate for their children in educational settings, wanted to attract qualified applicants for their paid fellowship program. 

Stover Creative Agency developed a comprehensive social media campaign leveraging organic content, paid advertising, and targeted direct messaging.

Our social media campaign exceeded expectations, driving a 20% increase in fellowship applications compared to the benchmark.



ArborExpo, the nation's fastest-growing tree care conference, aimed to drive registrations and engage professionals in the tree care industry to experience safety classes and hands-on equipment demonstrations.

For the second year working with ArborExpo, Stover Creative Agency created a three-month social media campaign focusing on organic content and targeted paid promotions to drive conference registrations and promote hands-on experience with tree care equipment.

Our strategic social media campaign for ArborExpo delivered exceptional outcomes:

  • Industry-beating click-through rate of $0.19 per link click

  • Ad campaign reached over 134,000 accounts

  • Nearly 9,000 link clicks generated

  • 100% increase in conference registrations between 2021 and 2022

  • 15% increase in conference registrations between 2022 and 2023 (14).png

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